Cargo transportation by the air

This is the fastest way to deliver goods, which are popular in Ukraine among individuals and legal entities. With its help, in the shortest possible time, you can receive goods from the most remote point in complete safety. Today, air cargo transportation, international and local, is the most reliable way of transferring important cargo, goods and documents.

Of course, international air transportation of goods is also the most expensive delivery method, which is not suitable for all goods. This is a solution in case the cargo needs to be delivered in an urgently manner, or it is too important to be trusted to be delivered by another mode of transport. They transport documents, product samples, valuable spare parts, complex equipment, etc. by the plane.

Urgent air delivery of goods is possible in any direction. A customer in Ukraine can order air transportation services from Germany, Portugal, the United States, China, New Zealand, Argentina, Ethiopia - from anywhere. Air cargo transportation can be carried out by regular and charter flights, subject to temperature conditions and other necessary conditions. Delivery by air and sufficient oversized cargo also is possible.

Taking into account the preparation time, customs clearance and handover of air cargo to the customer usually takes 3-5 days.

Air Freight: What Can Be Included in an Air Freight Package?

Companies which are engaged in the transportation of goods by air offer:

  • consolidation, assembly, packaging of goods and their insurance;
  • preparation of documentation in strict accordance with the strict requirements for international air transportation;
  • customs clearance, logistics calculation in the country of arrival, if the customer does not pick up the goods at the airport and need to organize further transportation to the destination;
  • storage of cargo at the warehouse of the carrier or its partner - the largest companies working in the field of air delivery have established working relationships around the world.
  • In addition, when organizing air transportation, the contractor checks the markings, verifies them with the waybills, transfers them to the arrival warehouse, again checking the nomenclature and number of seats. Also, the air cargo delivery service obliges the contractor to meet certain deadlines. The fact of delivery of the cargo is recorded at the time of its transfer to the client in accordance with the conditions specified in the waybill.

When ordering air cargo from companies with extensive experience in aviation logistics, the customer does not have to worry about the correct execution of documents and customs declarations, the conditions for moving and storing cargo and the timing of its delivery.