Cargo search

Previously, to get an order, truck owners had to advertise in newspapers or trade on the stock exchange. In the digital age, to find cargo has become much easier. Transport- logistics portals allows you to find customers and performers without leaving your home or office. These sites are extremely user-friendly and provide the latest information.

The international search for cargo and transport online has become especially popular in recent years. The transportation of goods in Europe, Ukraine, the countries of the Middle East and Central Asia did not stop even during the quarantine period, and after the removal of strict restrictions, the delivery flow begins to systematically increase.

Our cargo search site for transportation helps to find the most advantageous offers from the extensive database of available applications. You can choose the type of cargo for transportation, suitable delivery times, order additional services. The information is updated in a real time. The service is available for both businesses and individuals (drivers).

Search for goods for transportation: these is the specific of using the transport-logistics exchange

Cargo transportation is an integral part of the activities of many companies. Not all enterprises are ready to maintain their own vehicle fleet with a staff of drivers. In order to optimize costs and carry out the necessary cargo transportation, company representatives place a delivery request on the transport -logistics website.

Most often, customers require road transport services. Less often, rail and sea delivery is required. The application specifies:

  • country and city of loading and unloading;
  • exact dates;
  • weight and volume of cargo;
  • required type of transport;
  • name of the cargo.

With such detailed information, the search for orders for the transportation of goods becomes simple and fast. Drivers can find the best deal without intermediaries or third-party transport companies. Therefore, you can set the most favorable rates without third-party extra charges.

To start searching for goods transportation, enter information about the desired route in the special gap. All currently available options are displayed on the screen. To find the customer's contacts, you need to register on the site. This procedure is mandatory and takes only 3 minutes.

Our site contains orders for:

  • groupage cargo transportation;
  • complete delivery;
  • passing cargo transportation;
  • international delivery of goods.

Searching for passing cargo is an opportunity to carry out each flight as efficiently as possible. Passing delivery means that goods are loaded onto the truck, the delivery destination of which coincides with the main route. A slight deviation is acceptable, but it should not significantly change the delivery time of the main cargo.

The search for international cargo is performed according to the same algorithm as the search for the transportation of goods within the country. Anyone can find a suitable order for the transportation of goods.

Besides the analyzing information about current applications from cargo suppliers, the driver can fill out a questionnaire and leave a request to use his transport. It is necessary to indicate the country of loading and shipment, the time period when the flight can be performed, the type of transport.

The practice shows that the most popular are tilt semi-trailers, refrigerators, dump trucks and tanks. We regularly receive applications for container shipping, grain carriers, transportation of oversized cargo.

Searching for cargo and transport is an opportunity to find a customer or a contractor at a bargain price in the shortest possible time. Services of a transport-logistics online exchange are relevant for Ukraine, the Russian Federation, countries of Eastern and Central Europe, Asia.