Delivery of goods from China

A huge number of private buyers and companies from Ukraine orders the delivery of groupage cargo from China for their own needs, the needs of production, processing, assembly, resale.

Transportation of goods between Ukraine and China is possible in two ways: by sea and air delivery of goods from China to Ukraine. The first method is used when urgent delivery is not needed, the second - when it is required to transport a complex cargo or it is needed “yesterday”. In both cases, it is possible to deliver a consolidated cargo from China and bring a large-sized item.

Groupage cargo and containers, including individual ones

Containers of standard size, 20 or 40 feet, are in demand for the transportation of large quantities of goods. They go by sea. If the entire container is filled with the cargo of one client company, then it is delivered to the receiving station or to the customer's warehouse / door in a sealed state. If you need to transport a small consignment of goods, then the companies-specialists in the field of transportation of groupage cargoes from China form groupage cargoes. In this case, goods for dozens of customers from Ukraine and other countries can travel in one container. For example, if a ship arrives in Antwerp, then from the container part of the cargo is sent to the EU countries, and part goes to Ukraine or the CIS. Groupage cargo is much cheaper for customers than paying for a separate container for their goods.

Next - about what types of transport goods are transported from China to Ukraine, and which method should be chosen depending on the type and urgency of the cargo.

There are two ways of transportation: sea and air transport. Both types of delivery are safe, the only question is the timing and cost of the service.

Sea container delivery of goods from China

This is a cheapest way but very long way of transportation. It is suitable when you need to organize the delivery of small consignments of goods as part of a consolidated cargo or large-sized goods for which you need to completely redeem a container. Delivery time - from one month. The exact time depends on the route, additional services that are required from the carrier company, and the need to create specific conditions for the goods.

Almost any goods are transported on ships - from bags of beads for a handicraft store to machine tools and cars that cross the ocean on special platforms. Liquid and bulk goods can also be sent by sea. There are special containers for this - "tanks" and "flats".

Air delivery of goods from China

This is an expensive method of transportation, but it pays off in cases when you need to bring goods immediately. Also, air delivery is used for the transfer of documents, complex and dangerous product samples, medicines, equipment, electronics. Transportation is possible on regular flights of airlines, or (option for exceptional cases) goods can be brought in by charter flight.

Usually, air delivery of goods from China to Ukraine, taking into account the time for formation, loading, unloading, customs clearance, takes about five days.

Some companies set restrictions on the minimum weight, for example, deliver goods from one kilogram. Other carriers take on the delivery of small consignments, for example, folders with documents or a container with a sample of products, but it is possible that the customer will still have to pay for the delivery of a kilogram of cargo.

Cargo transportation from China: what is included in the cost of the service?

Usually, international delivery of goods from China includes services that are not specified, but are implied. Their list may vary slightly for different specialist companies. For example, someone does not provide a pick-up service in different cities of China with delivery to a port or airport, while someone offers such a service. Some professional companies who know the Chinese market well and for a long time are even ready to help with the search for suppliers and ordering product samples to Ukraine.

In the "basic" set, delivery of goods from China to Ukraine assumes that the contractor:

  • is engaged in escort, cargo handling, customs clearance and obtaining permits for transportation;
  • assembles containers independently;
  • determines the optimal route for the delivery of goods from China to Ukraine by sea;
  • provides the customer with tools to track the status of the cargo and its route;
  • if necessary, organizes the storage of goods in the warehouse under the agreed conditions;
  • organizes the subsequent forwarding of the cargo to the city of the client company.

At the same time, some companies carrying out cargo transportation from China have the ability to transport goods in Ukraine by their own transport, others resort to the services of postal ground transportation of goods from China, and still others use the help of partner companies.

It is not important for the customer exactly how he is promised to promptly bring the goods from China, it is important that the process is organized professionally and as quickly as possible.

Companies that have been working in this market for a long time and are well aware of all the intricacies of the transportation of goods from China to Ukraine, draw up their own logistics schemes and calculate routes in such way as to minimize the transportation costs of their customers. Also, from transport companies with representative offices in China, you can order warehouse storage of goods in logistics centers conveniently located near the largest sea or air ports.

The final cost of delivery of goods from China depends on the route (point of departure and destination), the type of goods, the complexity of its transportation, dimensions and weight, as well as on additional services that were provided to the customer.