Delivery of goods from Europe

Delivery of goods from Europe to Ukraine is a demanded service among entrepreneurs, online stores and individuals , who purchase high-quality European goods for themselves. Now you can remotely order furniture or clothing from Europe or conclude a deal with potential partners from Germany, Great Britain and other countries. However, an obstacle arises in the form of transportation of goods: how to make delivery of goods cheap, fast and not get problems when crossing the border?

In this case, companies specializing in international transport come to the rescue - they will ensure the prompt delivery of goods from Europe to Ukraine.

Methods of delivery of goods from Europe

Since the distance between Europe and Ukraine is small and there are land borders, all transportation methods are available:

  • By truck. Perhaps the most popular choice for many routes. If the duration of the journey does not exceed several thousand kilometers, then sending your cargo as part of a groupage truck is very convenient and profitable. Therefore, trucking from Europe is the most common way to deliver various products to Ukraine.
  • By rail. In some cases, this is a cheaper option, although usually a longer one. But this method can not only transport groupage cargo, but also deliver bulky and heavy products. Freight rail transportation in Europe is sometimes much more profitable than road transport, given the restrictions on the movement of heavy vehicles at many convenient transport junctions and toll roads in the EU.
  • By air. Air delivery, although very expensive, sometimes preferable even for short distances, if you need to ensure urgent transportation of products to the warehouse, to receive important product samples or medicines. Air delivery from Europe allows buyers to receive the goods they need in one to two days.
  • By sea. Although not particularly popular for short distances, it is the most convenient for trade with a number of European countries. And sometimes this is the fastest way to bring goods from Europe - it all depends on the country in which the products are purchased for transportation.

The same four transportation methods are used when organizing the delivery of goods to Europe from Ukraine or transit transportation within the EU (for example, if the goods arrived from China or the USA and now must be delivered to Ukraine). The same companies that organize the delivery of groupage cargo from Europe are also engaged in sending goods to Europe, calculating optimal logistics for customers.

What services can I request from the performer?

International cargo transportation from Europe involves the packaging of goods, their insurance, paperwork. Sometimes special packaging or storage in a transit warehouse is required. Also, a cargo search system in Europe should be implemented so that customers can find out the location of products and the status of transportation at any time.

You can request specific transportation from Europe, for example, delivery of expensive equipment, bulky goods, medical equipment, etc. In this case, it would be wise to choose a company that specializes in non-standard cargo transportation from Europe.

Some of these companies have their own transport for complex, dangerous, hazardous cargo, and their services will be more cheaper than hiring such transport from a third party. This applies only to road transport from Europe. When ordering the delivery of products by rail, the rail company will provide a suitable container.

How to order international cargo transportation from Europe?

Having studied the offers from companies that provide international transportation services in the right direction, you need to contact her to tell her about the cargo, route, additional requirements and wishes. The situation should be described in details so that the contractor understands well what conditions need to be ensured during cargo transportation, what documentary requirements will be imposed by European and Ukrainian customs. A little tip: if the contractor asks a lot of questions, this is a sign of responsibility and excellent knowledge of the various nuances of international cargo transportation.

Choosing a company on the website that organizes transportation in Europe in the directions of interest, you must definitely check its experience, clarify the range of services provided, read the reviews and make sure that it is well versed in international logistics and delivery of goods from Europe to Ukraine.