Delivery of goods from Germany

In this section of the site, companies offer their services that are engaged in the transportation of goods from Germany to Ukraine and the CIS, in particular, the delivery of goods from Germany to Russia. This service is used by small shops, large industrial enterprises, medical companies and individuals. For everyone, there are advantageous offers from international logistic-transport companies that offer cargo delivery services from Germany.

They carry not only goods purchased directly in this country. Germany is one of the main transit hubs in international freight traffic between Europe, Asia and America. That is, "cargo from Germany" may well be Chinese goods, they were simply unloaded in Bremen or Munich, and now they need to be picked up from there for further transportation across the continent. Also in Germany, European goods are consolidated for export from Austria, Portugal, France, Spain and almost a dozen other countries.

What kind of transport is used for delivery?

There are three "corridors" through which containers are directed:

  • southern - to India, China, Iran;
  • northern - to Russia and some European countries;
  • eastern - to the CIS, Kazakhstan and some Russian destinations.

Therefore, which way is more convenient to bring the goods from Germany depends on the final destination.

At short distances, the most popular and demanded are road freight from Germany. Long-distance urgent cargo is sent by air, non-urgent - by rail. It also matters which transit countries the route will run through. There can be very complex logistics, and when forming a cargo transportation route, you also need to take into account the features of the product itself. For example, some cargo cannot wait to be transported through the Baltic checkpoints, although this path is theoretically the closest. The fact is that the checkpoints in this direction have a low throughput, and the paperwork can take a lot of time.

So do not be surprised if the contractor offers not the most convenient, at first glance, route: international logistics is full of nuances and you need to trust the professionalism of the selected transport company. Also, delivery times may be longer, as European labor law does not allow drivers to drive for long periods without interruption.

Is it possible only to transport goods from Germany or can you send your own cargo?

In the opposite direction, international logistics also works great. You just need to inform the transport company that you need to deliver goods, products or documents to a European country, and its specialists will make a calculation for the transportation of goods to Germany. The principle of operation is the same: picking up cargo, packaging, registration, transportation, tracking in transit, delivery to the warehouse or client's door.

Delivery of goods to Germany is not as widely demanded as freight transportation in the opposite direction, so in the "low" season, transport companies willingly offer discounts on transportation.

What to look for when choosing a contractor for the transportation of goods from Germany?

Many transport companies operating internationally have certain working conditions and restrictions due to the parameters of the transport available to them. For example, there are announcements that say that cargo transportation from Germany to Ukraine can be ordered if the weight of the cargo is at least 100 or 150 kilograms. Or there are proposals not only to organize the delivery of goods from Germany to Russia, but also to receive cargo for shipment in any city in Germany and even in another European country. It all depends on the experience of the company which providing transportation and logistics services, on its business ties in Europe, on the staff.

When sending a request for transportation, you should describe in details the goods that need to be delivered, name of the route, preferred mode of transportation and desired delivery times.

The contractor will calculate the price for the delivery of goods from Germany to Ukraine and will tell you what is required for the safe dispatch and prompt receipt of the goods.