Delivery of goods from the USA

A huge amount of cargo is sent from the United States to Ukraine, to the CIS and to European countries. Trading companies, manufacturing enterprises and individuals order the transportation of furniture, building materials, spare parts, and consumer goods. The fastest way to deliver goods from the USA to Ukraine, European countries and the CIS is air delivery, and the cheapest is sea transportation. In both cases, it is possible to deliver goods from the United States as part of groupage shipments and container shipping.

Methods of transportation

Companies specializing on cargo transportation take on the delivery of heavy cargo from the USA and oversized goods, organize container shipping from the USA, as well as multimodal delivery. This means that goods from the States are delivered by sea or air, and at a port or airport, the carrier sorts groupage cargo from the United States and sends them to customers in other cities by car or by rail.

Transportation of goods from the USA or sending a container to the USA by air

The best way to bring expensive and urgent goods from the USA to Ukraine is by plane. For this, regular or charter flights can be used, it is allowed delivery of combined cargo and oversized cargo from America.

Companies which are engaged in cargo transportation from the USA to Ukraine provide services not only for transportation, but also for cargo clearance, preparation of customs documentation, consolidation, and forwarding. Some of the companies with particularly strong ties and extensive experience in America may offer services of signing documents with American partners and moving the goods to be shipped between states to deliver them to the most convenient airport.

Airfreight from USA: how is the cost calculated?

For the delivery of a container from the United States to Ukraine by plane, the price is determined by the dimensions and weight of the goods, and the weight is calculated using a special formula for the so-called volumetric weights. This is done because the size of cargo compartments in aircraft is limited, and there are a number of restrictions on transportation. Such delivery of goods from the United States will take only a few days, taking into account the time for loading, unloading, moving, paperwork and delivery of goods to the client after the aircraft arrives at the destination airport.

Sea Freight from USA

Unlike five to seven days for air delivery, shipping from the United States by sea is a long process, but the price of sea freight from the United States is four to five times lower than air delivery. On average, shipping containers from the United States by sea takes thirty to forty days.

It is desirable that the company that organizes shipping from the United States has its own freight transport and storage warehouses along the route to and after the port of loading. If there are no such resources, the contractor must have agreements with other organizations, which can be entrusted with the care of the cargo in case of force majeure.

The company which providing the service must specialize on international container shipping and be able to collect groupage cargo at the optimal time, otherwise the client risks waiting for a month to be sent from the States.

How to choose a contractor to send goods to or from the USA?

First of all, it is important whether the customer has any special requirements for the conditions of keeping and transporting goods. If so, then you need to look for a specialized carrier, for example, one that focuses on the delivery of exceptionally bulky goods from the United States or fragile goods.

When sending a specific cargo, you need to choose a transport company that offers an expanded range of services, including additional packaging of goods, insulation, transportation in containers with non-standard parameters.

If there are no specific requirements, you need to proceed from the route and volume of goods. If you need to transport goods from point A to point B on a regular basis, you should look for a carrier that delivers commercial goods from the United States to certain states.

Both sea and air deliveries of goods to Ukraine from the USA can be carried out through European countries. And the customer should not be embarrassed that the port or airport of destination of the cargo is indicated, for example, London or Rotterdam, although the final destination of the goods is Cherkasy. An experienced shipping company organizes ground transportation of the cargo to the destination and delivery to the client on time.