International container transportation of goods

How to guarantee the safety of cargo during its transportation, for example, from China to Ukraine? How to ensure the safety of specific goods when delivered by sea? International container shipping is the answer to all questions. The goods are placed in containers corresponding to the type of goods transported:

  • 20-40 feet;
  • platform-containers for oversized goods;
  • refrigerated - for cargo requiring special temperature conditions;
  • for bulk goods - transportation of goods in tank containers.

Transportation of containers is possible not only for delivery by sea, you can order international container transportation of goods by road, by air and by rail. But the most common delivery of containers is in the international sea freight. Therefore, when talking about international container transportation, they often use the word shipping, that is, sea logistics.

How common is container shipping?

This is a popular way to transport goods in all directions. Delivery of containers is especially in demand for goods heavier than 200 kilograms and with a volume of 1-10 cubic meters. This service is used by entrepreneurs from Ukraine, the CIS, Europe, Asia (especially China actively uses sea freight), the entire coastal Africa, both America and Australia. Some countries have relied on the transportation of containers by sea in their economies, for others it is generally the only way to deliver goods, if you do not take into account expensive air transportation.

Is international sea freight safe?

If they weren't safe, they would not have become so popular. Even the fact that sea container transportation prices are the lowest would not help. What would be the point of this if the goods were not delivered to their destination safely and on time?

According to statistics given by a number of shipping companies, only 1-1.5% of cargo suffers in some way during international container transport, and this is usually a matter of minor damage (for example, packaging), and not of loss product.

Another plus: shipping companies usually provide customers with the ability to track the location of the cargo.

Types of containers for sea transportation of goods

  • The most popular are 20-40'standard freight containers with one double door.
  • Two-door cargo containers (the second door is on the opposite side).
  • Bulk containers for oversized goods - "flat" without a roof and side wall.
  • Open Top with removable roofs for loading from above.
  • "Tanks" - tanks for liquid goods.
  • Refrigerated containers are containers in which a special temperature regime is maintained.
  • Open side - models with side doors along the entire long side, one or both.

Container transportation and prices

The cost of container transportation is contained by a number of factors, of which the most significant are:

  • Type of cargo, its size and weight.
  • The hazard class of the goods, the need to create special conditions for it, including a specific temperature regime, reinforced fastenings, a special approach to the transportation of containers.
  • Distance of container transportation, as well as the number of customs procedures along the route. That is, other things being equal, transportation for the same distance in Ukraine will be cheaper than from Ukraine to Europe or vice versa.
  • Type of containers that are used in this batch or that are available when organizing transportation by a specific mode of transport / in a given direction. It is possible to reload a container with cargo, for example, from a ship at the port of arrival to a car or rail.
  • Urgency of delivery. It is much cheaper to transport goods by sea than, for example, by air, but delivery times are completely incomparable. The urgency that is required for a specific container transportation of goods affects not only the choice of transport, but also the logistics, and the way the containers are formed.

In addition, it matters how long the cargo will be stored in the warehouse before transportation; whether loading into containers will be required and how time consuming they will be; Does the client have additional wishes, for example, delivery of goods to the door or storage after delivery.

Finally, when looking at prices for container shipping, keep in mind seasonal fluctuations in tariffs.

Most often, consignments of goods are transported by sea in containers, which should be delivered from the port to other cities on the continent of destination, therefore, international container transport is most often multimodal. That is, a ship + some other type of transport by which the cargo is delivered to the warehouse of the customer organization. This service is included in the price of container transportation. The cost of customs clearance, warehouse storage, forwarding is also included in the final price of container transportation, which is communicated to the customer by the contractor, having previously inquired about all the nuances of cargo delivery.

What you should to take into account when choosing a performer?

Here the performer's ability to calculate the logistics comes to the fore. The more nuances, the more overlaps can arise along the way, and clients need to make sure their partner is prepared for various surprises. First of all, he is able to make a clear calculation of convenient and inexpensive ways of transporting goods to the loading port, and then from the unloading port to the destination.