International cargo transportation

The successful development of a company in the international arena is impossible without the organization of regular cargo transportation. Prompt delivery of goods from point A to point B is the most important part of foreign economic activity, therefore, it must be organized flawlessly. Formation of a fleet of vehicles, selection of qualified employees, drawing up a rational logistics chain, customs clearance of cargo - this is only a small part of the tasks that need to be solved.

However, not every enterprise can take on increased responsibility and organize international transport of goods independently. This is quite natural, because the delivery of goods abroad entails additional costs, which are undesirable at the initial stage of the company's development.

In such a situation, transport companies that organize international cargo transportation come to the rescue. They have at their disposal wagons and other vehicles suitable for the delivery of various types of goods. The search of transport to transport the goods is not difficult today. On our website you will quickly find the best option for international road transport of goods and can order other necessary services.

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International carriage of goods: types of services available

Depending on the vehicle used, international cargo transportation is:

  • By truck.The most demanded type of delivery. Suitable for transportation of any type of cargo: perishable, bulk, hazardous, oversized, etc. The GPS tracker makes it easy to track the trucks on the route. The demand for international transportation of goods by road from Europe to Asia (and vice versa) is steadily growing from year to year.
  • By rail. One of the safest and most reliable types of delivery, which has almost unlimited possibilities in terms of the volume of shipments. Transportation of goods by rail requires a clear planning of deliveries, since the formation of the train takes a certain amount of time. Most often, international railway transportation is carried out between the CIS countries, through the territory of Ukraine, Central Asia.
  • By sea. Delivery that optimally combines safety and relatively low cost. Transportation of goods weighing from 10 to 1000 tons is possible, transportation of groupage cargo is available. International container shipping from Asia is an extremely popular service. Average delivery time is 35 days.
  • By air. The fastest way to deliver goods. Transportation from the Russian Federation to North America takes about 15 hours. International air cargo transportation is quite expensive and is not suitable for all types of cargo. However, the price is fully justified by the speed.

There is also a multimodal international delivery of goods, within which 2 or more types of vehicles are used (ship + truck, plane + truck, train + ship, etc.).

Worldwide Shipping: Delivery Methods

The choice of a vehicle is an important, but far from the last stage in organizing international delivery of goods to Europe, Ukraine or Asia. The construction of a professional logistics scheme is carried out taking into account not only the parameters of the cargo, but also the required terms, risks, and the desired cost.

Depending on this, the delivery method is determined:

  • Groupage cargo. Shipments from multiple customers are loaded onto a single vehicle and delivered to their destination. This type of delivery allows you to reduce tariffs for international sea transportation.
  • Complete cargo. The vehicle is at the complete disposal of one customer. Shipment can take place in several different warehouses. In most cases, international transportation of goods by road works according to this principle.
  • Passage transportation. The goods of the customer are loaded into the vehicle that carries the main cargo along the established route. The point of delivery of additional cargo must be located along the route of the truck.
  • Container transportation. The cargo is placed in a container and loaded onto a vehicle. This method of delivery implies international railway transportation and sea transportation of goods. Container trucks are used to solve special logistics problems.
  • Oversized cargo. The category of oversized cargo includes cargo, the length of which is more than 20 m, width - more than 2.5 m, height - from 4 m. For their delivery, special open platforms, trawls are required. With proper organization and customs clearance, unimpeded delivery of such goods to the countries of Europe, Central Asia, the Middle East, Ukraine is possible.

International Freight Forwarding

Professional forwarding of goods which is going abroad- is the key to successful delivery. This service includes a whole list of manipulations to organize transportation.

The Freight Forwarder is the authorized representative of the customer company and fully controls the international transportation of goods on his behalf. He must thoroughly know the norms of international law in the field of cargo transportation. In addition to the standard functions, the forwarder can act as a customs broker, performing bureaucratic formalities instead of the customer.

The standard list of services for international freight forwarding is as follows:

  • selection of a vehicle depending on the parameters of the cargo;
  • development of the optimal route;
  • prompt preparation of transport and customs documents;
  • control of cargo movement along the route;
  • providing the customer with up-to-date information on the stage of delivery;
  • control of unloading of goods upon arrival at the destination;
  • handing over the goods to the consignee.

The price for international freight transport together with forwarding services cannot be very low. However, using such a service, you will immediately appreciate its convenience, efficiency and reliability. As a result, the customer saves the most valuable thing - time.