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Consolidated transportation, or, as they say, the delivery of groupage cargo, is one of the most popular ways to significantly reduce the cost of transporting goods between countries or within the country. After all, transportation costs for the transportation of groupage cargo are split between a large number of customers, and each pays only for the goods that he needs to transport, and not for the entire container.

Groupage cargo delivery: main advantages

What happens when the customer does not pay all the costs of domestic or international delivery of groupage cargo, but only "his" part?

  • If the order is small, you do not need to look for a contractor who will provide a compact transport for delivery. Groupage cargo transportation makes it possible to send, for example, one sample of goods in a huge truck or on a ship. In case of groupage transportation, there are no requirements for the minimum load of transport and you will not have to pay for an empty space in the body or container.
  • No restrictions on the choice of direction. There are domestic and international transportation of groupage cargo.
  • Unlimited choice of communication routes. You can send or transport groupage cargo by road, by sea or by air, there is also a railway transportation of groupage cargo.
  • The range of services provided to the client includes the organization of logistics, preparation of documents, storage of goods in warehouses, if provided by the contract. Companies that provide groupage cargo transportation services independently form containers, register goods at customs, calculate the optimal routes so that the delivery of groupage cargoes occurs on time.

At the same time, customers can choose the optimal delivery formats for groupage cargo in the city of destination: to the warehouse or to the door. This allows, for example, to send goods from Europe and receive them in Ukraine at their home address, along with all the documents. You can also order the transportation of groupage cargo with delivery to the client's warehouse or office.

At the same time, the contractor is responsible to the customer for order in documents, timely delivery of goods, thoughtful sequence of unloading and loading of goods along the entire route, for their integrity during transportation and storage in a warehouse, compliance with conditions of containment and transportation, timely issuance of invoices and acts executed works. Usually, the customer also has the ability to track the location of the cargo.

The customer of the service, for his part, must take care of the documents (certificates) for customs clearance and provide special packaging for a specific cargo. By agreement, the last question can also be taken over by the organizer of the transportation of groupage cargo. The final packaging of the goods when assembling containers for groupage cargo transportation is in any case undertaken by the executing organization.

How to choose a vehicle for groupage transportation?

It all depends on the goals and needs of the client. If you need speed, they choose an airplane, the cheapest are sea transportation, for distances up to 2000 kilometers, the best choice is road or rail. The choice of transport also depends on the characteristics of the cargo, route and destination.

Particulars of groupage cargo transportation: how to choose a carrier?

The company providing such a service must be very experienced and very professional. It is easy to imagine how many times things can go wrong with such complex organizational and logistic schemes. Therefore, when choosing a contractor, it is very important to pay attention to how long the company has been working in the right direction, how well it knows the specifics of legislation, paperwork, and the specifics of transportation along the chosen route. If it is road transportation of groupage cargo, then it makes sense for the customer to study the vehicle fleet that is at the disposal of the contractor, especially if the transportation of complex cargo that requires special transportation conditions.

Absolutely each direction has its own specifics, whether it is road delivery of groupage cargo from Europe to Ukraine, sea groupage container transportation from Ukraine to China or transportation of groupage cargo by road within the country.

Therefore, although groupage cargo transportation is very economical and convenient, the customer needs to spend time studying the offers of companies that provide services for the delivery of consolidated cargo. On the other hand, having once chosen a good contractor for the transportation of goods along their usual route, the customer gets a reliable partner in transportation for many years.