Goods delivery by rail

Goods delivery by rail is a demanded, reliable and safe way of transportation, especially at medium distances, as well as large and heavy goods that require a container for transportation. In addition, delivery by rail is indispensable if the roads are in poor condition and unsafe for the carriage of goods.

Transportation of goods in containers by rail is popular throughout the CIS, as well as for the delivery of goods from Europe to Ukraine and in the opposite direction, including by international transport companies.

The main advantages of goods delivery by rail

Unlike road transport, the movement of which depends on the condition of the road and traffic, trains run on schedule and are not affected by weather conditions, except for the most extreme ones.

Sending cargo by railway transport is:

  • safe and reliable;
  • the ability to load and transport complex cargo. Railway companies have special equipment for loading containers, and their customers do not have to worry that any goods cannot be loaded into a container;
  • a huge selection of directions international rail transportation is carried out wherever the tracks are for trains. Transportation of goods by rail is possible across Ukraine, Europe, the CIS. You can also order international shipments to large cities or small towns across the continent;
  • the ability to transport bulky goods of almost any kind. The cars are designed for tens of tons of goods, you can choose a container for a specific cargo or send the goods as part of a groupage package. Groupage cargo is also successfully delivered by ordering railway container transportation. In addition, railway freight transportation allows you to work with an almost unlimited range of goods, and for each individual container you can create your own temperature and humidity conditions that will operate all the way;
  • low cost of transportation. Freight transportation by rail is usually cheaper than road delivery, not to mention aviation.

Railway freight transportation may include the service of storing goods at stations if reloading is required to wagons of other trains or to road transport at the last kilometers.

In addition, many organizations provide terminal handling services and complex solutions, when the cargo first travels, for example, by railway transportation in the CIS, then it is loaded onto a car and delivered to the customer's door by courier. Another option is an even more difficult direction, when wagons or containers are loaded in Ukraine, go to Europe, where international railway transportation ends with the delivery of goods to the port where the cargo is sent by sea, for example, to the USA. And all this is organized by one company that specializes in international transport. At the same time, modern methods of loading and unloading wagons guarantee the safety of goods when organizing international railroad transportation of goods.

How is the price for international railway transportation of goods calculated?

Since many types of goods can be transported in a freight car, the cost of international railway transportation of goods is determined depending on the volume or weight of the item. Its type also matters: equipment, bulk cargo, furniture, spare parts, etc.

If specific railway container transportation is required, for example, for fragile goods, or the sealing of a wagon, then the cost of the service increases. The cost of transportation and the need to use additional transport in the selected direction: reloading the goods on another train or ship, delivery by car to the recipient's door, etc.

When tariffing for railway freight transportation, the carrier company includes in the cost of the service mandatory station fees, forklift services, wagon escort, and cushioning materials. Therefore, the price of railway transportation, which the companies indicate to their customers, is always approximate, and only if there is complete information about the cargo and the route, the contractor will be able to calculate the exact cost of railway transportation.

Transportation of goods in containers by rail

Professional companies offering international railway transportation are well versed in all the accompanying nuances. They help to select the conditions of cargo transportation, draw up the best route, advise on customs legislation in different directions, provide cars and special equipment necessary for loading goods into a container or wagon.

For the client company, a package of documents will be prepared for the safe implementation of railway transportation in the selected direction: Ukraine, Europe, CIS.

When choosing a contractor and negotiating with a carrier company, it should be borne in mind that the possibilities of railway transportation of goods are limited by the availability of appropriate infrastructure and legislative framework in the field of railway transportation of goods. In addition, railway delivery of goods involves obtaining a number of approvals, which are also handled by the executing company.