Transport search

Cargo transportation is an important part of the economic activity of any company. However, organizing the delivery of goods to their destination is quite costly. To carry out transportation promptly, the enterprise must have a staff of qualified specialists and its own vehicle fleet. In addition, it is necessary to understand the legal intricacies of cargo registration, especially non-standard and oversized ones. This can be overwhelming, especially for a young company.

Searching for cargo transportation on the online exchange allows you to optimize time and financial costs. The transport-logistics site collects applications from drivers and transport companies, sorts them and presents them as a single database of performers. Online, you can not only search for carriers, but also order freight forwarding.

Due to the fact that the service is an international, transportation of goods from Europe, CIS countries, Central Asia, Ukraine, the Middle East is available. Delivery times are known in advance, vehicles can be selected depending on the type of cargo. Customers and contractors interact with each other directly, without intermediaries.

Thanks to the transport and logistics exchange, the organization and execution of transportation becomes much easier. It is enough to make just a few mouse clicks.

Search for transport to carry the goods

It is necessary to select transport depending on the type of cargo and delivery requirements.

  • Automobile cargo transportation is popular due to its versatility, availability and efficiency. Transportation of goods by car is possible on almost any land route.
  • Railroad delivery attracts with safety, the ability to transport oversized cargo and a relatively low cost.
  • Sea transportation allows you to transport goods across the seas and oceans at an affordable price.
  • Cargo transportation by air is characterized by high speed and significant cost. For air delivery, there are significant restrictions on the size of cargo.

The search for the transport to carry the goods should begin with a detailed analysis of the parameters of the cargo and the calculation of the optimal route. After that, you need to register at the transport- logistics exchange and indicate the delivery conditions in special gaps. The system will return results that match your query. Thus, the search for a carrier of cargo takes a few minutes and is performed remotely.

The cost of transport services is calculated taking into account many factors. The main ones are:

  • route length;
  • technical parameters of the cargo;
  • requirements for terms and conditions of transportation.

Freight forwarding

Transport transportation, especially international, requires careful preparation at all stages. To avoid unforeseen situations and respond promptly to emerging problems, we recommend ordering professional freight forwarding.

Forwarding means that an authorized specialist on behalf of the company prepares the cargo for shipment and escorts it to its destination. The tasks of the forwarder includes:

  • control of the goods loading in the warehouse;
  • preparation of legal and customs documents which are required for transportation;
  • control of cargo movement along the route;
  • passing through customs control;
  • control of the goods loading in the warehouse;
  • handing over the goods to the consignee.

Forwarding is definitely necessary if you plan to transport bulky goods to or from Europe. During such delivery, difficulties often arise when are passing through border control. A qualified technician will be able to settle them without disturbing the customer.

You can order freight forwarding in a real time on the website of the transport-logistics company. The organization, providing this service ,posts information about itself, and the customer chooses from the list of available offers. It's convenient, safe and modern!